What is the Best iPhone Camera App?

The concept itself of photography has come quite well in the last century. In the past, people had to stand still for hours at photo boutiques just to have a simple family picture or portrait taken… and even after the process was done, they still needed to retouch it and make it into an actual photograph. Long story short, it was a drawn-out and painstaking process for everyone involved. Skip forward to today, and things have changed beyond recognition. Now, taking a picture is only a matter of pressing a button, not to mention that photo cameras are integrated into various gadgets, including smartphones such as the iPhone. As people decided to take advantage of that they have come up with a number of iPhone photo apps, and here is a look some of the best ones currently available.

Instagram iPhone App
Starting a list which explores the best iPhone camera apps simply cannot be done without first talking about Instagram. Practically everyone has this application for their iPhones now, mostly because it is available for free. As of now, it simply puts a stylish filter over every picture you take, and it can even automatically share them on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. While the application’s functionalities are still somewhat limited, you should definitely keep an eye on it because as time will pass, it will come closer and closer to its real potential.

Filterstorm Photo App for iPhonesComing at a price of $3.99, Filterstorm is perhaps one of the most complete iPhone photo apps, allowing you to adjust a number of things on specific parts of a photograph, including brightness, the contrast, the curves, saturation, temperature, black & white filter, and more. However, it doesn’t go overboard with a bunch of crazy options, keeping things simply and tasteful. In addition, it has cloning tools and even a noise reduction feature which actually works better than I expected it to.

Magic Shutter
Magic Shutter iPhone AppWhile the iPhone’s camera is relatively powerful and versatile, the fact remains that it becomes virtually useless when used in darker environments, especially outdoors at night. So, in order to solve this problem, one of the best iPhone camera apps has been given existence: the Magic Shutter, priced at $2.99. What does it do? Well, to put it simply, it uses the sensor of your iPhone for a longer period of time, which in turn causes light to basically build up, revealing darker objects which couldn’t be seen earlier. You can even make use of this app to create light trails and whatnot.

While it is true that this application is quite simple and even takes a bit of time to learn how to use it properly, it’s still something any photography fan should have in handy as it allows you to basically take great pictures you simply couldn’t before. The more you use it, the more you’ll understand just how useful it can be.

Hipstamitic AppComing at only $1.99, Hipstamatic is one of the more extensive iPhone photo apps you can use for editing your images. While it is somewhat clumsy to navigate, it does provide you with a number of options to tinker with, such as the ability to choose between many iPhone lenses, films and even flashes; you can give your images virtually any look desired. In addition, it even has a few online sharing capabilities for social networks. It should however be noted that if you want to get absolutely everything this app has to offer, you will need to shell out a few more bucks for iPhone lens and film packages.

360 Panorama
360 Panorama App for iPhoneFinally, to top off this list of the best iPhone camera apps available at the moment, here is 360 Panorama, a nifty little application which comes at the meager price of $0.99. As you can probably guess, this application allows you to take complete panorama shots in 360 degrees, and it’s pretty much a fact that anyone who has ever seen a panorama shot has a desire to create one themselves. For only a dollar, you’ll have the power to create unique pictures which give you a very interesting view of the world, one which cannot be seen otherwise.

All in all, there are more than enough iPhone photo apps for you to choose from, with there being dozens more to make your choice from out there. The iPhone’s camera is a very powerful tool, and with each application it becomes more and more versatile… quite soon, it may even start to rival professional cameras, so best take advantage of the situation now, while the prices are still reasonable.