Dust In the iPhone 5 Camera Lens

How to Clean iPhone 5 Lens

How To Clean the iPhone 5 Camera Lens

It’s been widely reported that the iPhone 5 camera lens has many dust particles on the inside.  Unfortunately it’s not easy to clean unless you want to spend $50 and take it to a professional.  If you are using your iPhone camera for normal use and not zooming then you likely won’t notice a difference in the pictures quality.  But many people are using the iPhone 5 for more professional use because of the quality of point and shoot, the app filters that can be immediately applied and the camera lens attachments that are available.

My first suggestion would be to use a cloth material to clean the outside of the lens to ensure dust is removed.  If you are still seeing dust that is obviously on the side of the iPhone 5 lens, then you might want to go into your local Apple store and exchange for a new iPhone 5.